Voter Registration

BPro’s TotalVote® Voter Registration System is currently used in four states to help streamline the voter registration process for state and local election officials. Every BPro TotalVote system has the same core, but each state’s VR system has been configured to meet the unique local laws, regulations and standards.

TotalVote is not only a statewide voter registration list, but a full voter administration package. The system includes several confidential fields, including driver license numbers, dates of birth, social security numbers and other information, which are all protected by multiple levels of security. Providing functionality and security for the system is a high priority.

TotalVote Voter Registration provides the ability to efficiently manage all Voter Registration information, which is often time-consuming, costly and inefficient. Election officials around the country use TotalVote to:

  • Validate a voter’s eligibility
  • Track a voter’s history
  • Maintain an accurate voter registration database
  • Reduce the number of staff necessary to process data
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of data processing

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