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TotalVote™ is a state-of-the art, web-based, paperless election system that gives officials complete control and access to the entire election process.

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What Is TotalVote?

TotalVote is a centralized voter registration and election management system that securely captures and manages voter, candidate and all election information. It is the only software system that encompasses the entire election process into one system. Rather than transferring data from system to system and dealing with compatibility issues, election officials are able to log into one system and work on any aspect of the election process.

"BPro's TotalVote Election Management System was recognized as a national finalist for the third annual NASS IDEAS Award."

Voter Registration

Voter Registration

TotalVote Voter Registration provides election officials the ability to efficiently manage all Voter Registration information which is often time-consuming, costly and inefficient.

  • Validating a voter’s eligibility
  • Tracking voter history
  • Voter database maintenance
  • Reduces the required staff and increases the speed and accuracy of processing data
Campaign Finance

Campaign Finance

With TotalVote Campaign Finance system, candidates, organizations, and political parties are able to securely record income, expenses, contributions, and loans.

  • Generates fully searchable PDF reports for the public
  • Links campaigns to candidates
  • Offers a side by side comparison of all finances recorded within the system
  • Reduces manual entry and paperwork
  • Increasing functionality and transparency of all campaign finance data

"For the first time in Montana, folks were able to access this type of detailed information on a statewide basis within minutes after counties started uploading results."
- Linda McCulloch / Montana Secretary of State

Election Management

Election Management

TotalVote Election Management fully integrated software simplifies and streamlines the election set up and management process.

  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates duplicate entry of data
  • Allows a seamless transition between candidate data and ballot preparation
Candidate Filing

Candidate Filing

One of the primary components of the election management module of TotalVote is candidate management.

As each candidate is certified, information is pulled from the voter registration record and linked to the appropriate contest. The Candidate Table contains all identifying information, including a unique Candidate ID Number. Candidate Lists are automatically generated and instantly available to the public via the Secretary of State’s website. Along with candidate information, TotalVote includes ballot question information, with the ballot number/letter, and title.

"The election website had over 150-thousand hits. It's the first time voters could get precinct information, ballot information and results all on the same page..."
- Al Jaeger / North Dakota Secretary of State"

Election Night Reporting

Election Night Reporting

Reporting results to the public in a timely manner is a challenge for every election official. TotalVote Election Night Reporting is innovative and easy to navigate for any user to quickly find the election results they are looking for.

  • Ensures the public has real time results
  • Reduces manual entry and errors for election officials
  • Interactive maps are available for statewide races and ballot questions, senate and house races, and precincts reporting
  • Associated Press and Media exports


The TotalVote UOCAVA solution makes it easy for American overseas military and citizens to vote.

  • UOCAVA ballots are created and sent to eligible voters
  • Capability for online ballot marking
  • Fully MOVE Act compliant
  • Eligible voters are able to cast their ballot in one easy process

"The Secretary of State's website is pretty slick, easy to navigate and shows the results of every race in the state, complete with county-level data and district maps."
SB, Missoula Independent



TotalVote e-poll book solution greatly improves efficiency across all poll sites with a...

  • Real-time connection to Voter Registration data providing live statistics on Election Day
  • Applies poll site procedures systematically
  • Eliminates inefficiencies and cost of paper poll books
Voter Information Portal

Voter Information Portal

The TotalVote Voter Information Portal ensures voters are informed, educated and prepared for Election Day.

Voters can:

  • View their registration information
  • Political party affiliation
  • Polling place location
  • Voting history
  • View a sample PDF ballot for the upcoming election
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